Photo courtesy of Lyn Collins


I make no apology for posting these photos. People need to see what's happening! Photos courtesy of BBPG and Dean Marsland


The population of Brumbies in Barmah Forest has remained fairly stable over many years at around 200-250 Brumbies.
Parks have course needed once again to exaggerate the amount of Brumbies living in the Park to try to gain public and political support to remove them! So, once again after reporting fairly stable population numbers of around 250 as personally viewed by rangers, they have used the "Distance Software" computer programme once again to inflate the numbers from the couple of hundred that they actually saw into saying there are over 600.
In spite of the very small and stable population in a massive area and them doing absolutely no harm to this environment, once again they have been targeted for total removal due mostly to a personal vendetta and a violent hatred by some very powerful influential people, of anything that is non-native to Australia (although there are also native animals targeted by these people that just love to kill and shoot anything that moves!)
The Barmah Brumbies are destined to be completely removed from the forest. After many years of fighting to try and keep the Brumbies safe in the home they have known for nearly a couple of hundred years, the new management plan made it clear that Parks Victoria were not going to allow any Brumbies to remain running free and living out their lives in this forest. For this reason a group of long term Brumby Advocates sourced land to rent and with the help of donations from the public and a mammoth amount of work (which continues), set up a superb sanctuary and offered to take ALL THE BRUMBIES to be removed from the forest. Please see here to support these people and keep up to date with what is going on. Barmah Brumby Preservation Group

Sadly, in spite of the BBPG trying to follow all the regulations needed to have the sanctuary approved and getting full approval by the veterinarian responsible, they have been waiting and waiting to receive Brumbies from Parks who were extremely keen to fulfil their "contract" of removing 100 Brumbies each year. The sanctuary was ready and waiting to take 90 and their were 10 other applications. However, once again, Parks Victoria clearly can't be bothered to trap the horses for rehoming! In spite of the BBPG offering to trap the horses themselves or help with trapping. They were not allowed. I have personally written to Parks Victoria many times regarding this. I particularly asked what was happening about fulfilling their contract, because they only trapped 10 horses for rehoming!!!!! 5 of these for the sanctuary. So I asked what was happening to the other 90 Brumbies destined for removal, considering the BBPG had been told that they would not be getting any more Brumbies until 2023!!
So it would seem that heartbreakingly, we have our answer to this! In the last few days very many Brumbies have been found shot dead in the forest and covered up with branches to try and stop the public seeing them! This is the most disgusting vile act. To prevent the BBPG from trapping them themselves (if they can't be bothered, which clearly is the case). Then not bother trapping them to go in the sanctuary but sending in shooters to shoot them all just because its quicker and easier. Sickening, disgusting and vile unnecessary cruelty. Unprofessional and childish if this is just also over personal disagreements. If the shootings were not done by Parks Victoria, then I am sure they would have issued a statement to confirm same.
The ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS are clearly supportive of this as they have done nothing to prevent it!

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