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Trapping is still happening right now, if homes cannot be found these brumbies being hauled out of Kosciusko National Park will be separated from their families and face the worst fate of all, a terrifying death at a knackery. Smaller babies, young colts & fillies sent to the smaller knackeries to be made into pet food. Larger brumbies trucked the huge journey all the way to QLD to Merramist Abattoir where they will be processed for human consumption. In 2020 we have seen rehoming applications for KNP Brumbies increase substantially compared with previous years. This can be largely attributed to the NSW Court Case ran by the Snowy Mountain Brumby Sustainability & Management Group which peaked public interest in the brumby issue. Many new rehomers & sanctuaries have also come onboard in 2020. Brumby advocates from all over Australia have reached out to rehome some of our amazing wild brumbies from KNP, without these people many heavily pregnant mares, young colts & fillies and entire mobs of brumbies would have faced certain death at the knackeries. Further details on rehoming here - Rehome a Brumby

Review of management in Kosciuszko National Park

2008 Management Plan Kosciuszko National Park

Official Review of the 2008 Management Plan Kosciuszko National Park

Report by the Independent Technical Reference Group as supplementary to the Wild Horse Management Plan

National Cultural Heritage Values Report

Kosciuszko National Park Draft Management Plan 2016

Kosciuszko Wild Horse Management and Control

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