There has been increasing scientific study worldwide showing the ecological benefits of wild horses and they are being used for regeneration of degraded ecosystems including forested and alpine areas. In contrast research on wild horses is surprisingly lacking in Australia. Much of the 'evidence' of environmental impacts is anecdotal from observational studies where much of the photographed damage has clearly been caused by wild pigs, deer and other animals. What is needed is serious and unbiased TRULY objective research differentiating between damage done by the various species.

The exclusion plots photographed to show the differences in vegetation in different areas, fenced out ALL but the very small wild animals. Therefore excluding wild pigs and deer etc. These photographs have then been used as so called evidence of damage done only by horses. This is not a fair assessment of course. To ascertain ONLY damage done by horses, these exclusion plots should have obviously ONLY excluded horses while still allowing other animals access.

The beneficial contributions of wild horses are omitted from these one sided reports. Injustice has been compounded by large government funded projects aimed at removing invasive species. There needs to be funding to do objective investigations of the positive ecological contributions they make. It cannot be assumed that because an animal is 'introduced', that it is causing damage and they can be beneficial. Wild horses reduce bushfire fuel loads, reseed native grasses by intact seed dispersal in their droppings, are soil builders/fertilisers of soil via their droppings. They create more abundant and dependable water sources in dry areas and break up ice and snow, helping other wildlife to survive.

In spite of the millions of other "introduced" animals like deer, pigs, wild dogs, goats and rabbits who are well known to do massive damage, the Brumbies are singled out for elimination on a massive scale. Impacts to the environment by humans include building of dams, tourism, recreational vehicles, ski runs and facilities and climate change. And yet the Brumbies are the scapegoats. Most ecologists and scientists confirm global warming to be the main cause of species decline and extinction.
The hard hooves story, that the Australian Alps are not adapted to the pressures of hard hooves is incorrect. The Procoptodon was a relative of the kangaroo that was 3 times the size of the current kangaroos and on each foot they had a single large claw similar in appearance to a horse's hoof.


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